Village Concerns

an Action Group seeking to protect the Parish

of East Hoathly with Halland from overdevelopment

What is Village Concerns

Village Concerns is an Action Group campaigning to protect the character and ambience of the Parish of East Hoathly with Halland in East Sussex.  It endeavours to ensure that development in the Parish is sustainable.  It aims to monitor housing proposals and galvanise the community to either endorse beneficial developments or challenge those that are unsustainable.

Village Concerns was established in 2016 when a developer submitted a proposal to build 205 homes in the parish on greenfield land which would increase the number of homes in the village of East Hoathly by 63 %.  This was followed by other developers putting forward proposals for an additional 200 homes in East Hoathly and 90 elsewhere in the Parish.

This follows on from a development in 2009 where 75 homes were built in East Hoathly increasing the size of the community by 25 %.

What Can I Do ?

If you would like to do something about this then become a supporter of Village Concerns.  Join our mailing list by contacting us with your email address.  We will then send you Updates on current planning applications and give advice on how to object.  Go to the Contact page or email: villageconcerns2016@gmail.com

Our latest Update 124 Covers "Hesmonds Village" idea for more than 3000 new homes and shows new land put forward for Development.   A library of all previous Updates is located in the Reference Library.

              Who Runs Village Concerns

Village Concerns is run by a Steering Group elected at an Annual General Meeting.  The Steering Group maintains an email list of supporters.  The meetings take place at The Kings Head pub (virtually during Covid Restrictions) and the current members of the Steering Group are:

Kate Richardson                       Joint Chair

Katherine Gutkind                    Joint Chair

Emma Rose Barber

Andy Burns

Mike Hill

Gill Kennedy                               Treasurer

Jonathan Walker

The Steering Group is very keen to have new members.   If you have any experience with planning, legal matters or fundraising then please let us know.